Hospice & End-Of-Life Care

At Aztec Animal Hospital, we know that a long, happy life is every pet parent’s dream. But as our pets age or become ill, they require more intensive management and time. We believe that every pet deserves as much quality of life as possible and our HPC service embodies that.

Your first visit with Dr. Richardson will last about 1 hour. Before the appointment, we request that all applicable records be forwarded to us so that we can review them before the appointment. During your appointment we want to establish some goals and come up with a plan for achieving those goals for your pet.

This plan often includes changes to the medications or supplements your pet is taking, changes to the house can sometimes be recommended as well.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a service that offers comfort to a pet that has a life-ending disease or is approaching end-of-life.

Does This Mean Giving Up?

No, it means that we have an illness that will not resolve and cannot be treated.  We’re going to provide comfort and quality of life for as long as we can.

Is Palliative Care Different?

It’s a matter of wording, but yes. Palliative care begins at diagnosis and can be used for animals that aren’t nearing end-of-life. Some animals that benefit from a more cohesive and encompassing approach are those with chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or cognitive dysfunction.

How Do I Know It’s Time?

We utilize different Quality of Life Scales and are here to discuss any concerns.  But it is ultimately a very personal decision.  You have the option of euthanasia or a hospice supported natural death.  We will discuss both options during your consult.

It’s Time

We’re absolutely here for you. We offer in home and in office euthanasia so that you can choose what is best for you, your family, and your pet. We offer a variety of aftercare. This information is included with the packet you receive during your first visit.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (480) 945-6800.