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101 Spay-Neuter & Dental Clinic is located inside Aztec Animal Hospital.

Aztec Animal Hospital is committed to compassionate and comprehensive care for all pets in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa Arizona. Your pets are your treasured friends, they are members of your family and when one of your pets is unwell, it affects the whole family. Our veterinary hospital in Scottsdale has one objective, and that is to return your pets to you brimming with good health and total wellness.

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What Our Clients Say

  • If you got sick animals you can recieve fine treatment for them here for reasonable prices.

    Evan S. Avatar
    Evan S.
  • Always nice and fair prices.

    Dawn H. Avatar
    Dawn H.
  • I couldn’t be more pleased , with the care that was taken with my dear cat Irene! The staff was of great help and the doctor did a wonderful job on my cats poor eye! She went through an operation where her poor eye was sewn shut! I can’t Thank them enough! Her eye is completely healed!! Thank you to the doctor! God Bless!

    michelle t. Avatar
    michelle t.
  • You CAN NOT go wrong with these amazing people. I work with an animal rescue, so I have to go in and see them MANY, MANY, MANY more times than your average reviewer, and they consistently deliver on quality animal care. Great job, you guys! (If you happen to read this! Thank you!!!)

    Abigail M. Avatar
    Abigail M.
  • I want to thank Dr. Florez and the Amzaing staff, that saved Little Brown. I am so grateful for how kindly I was treated when I called in panicked. I was having a hard time calling other offices trying to find out what I should do. Once we got there I felt confident in each choice made in his treatment because it was broken down for me to see and understand. This is our new forever vet and staff. Little brown was full on smiling at his check up today. It was great!

    Tawni C. Avatar
    Tawni C.
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