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One Stop Shop for Comprehensive Veterinarian Services

Comprehensive Veterinarian Services As more people lead increasingly busy lives, finding the time to visit a range of service providers in order to get your pet everything they need for a happy, healthy life can be a challenge. Not only does it entail a significant time commitment, trying to ensure that the veterinarian services, boarding and nutrition your pet needs are all exemplary can be difficult. We offer a wide range of pet care/wellness services in our well-equipped animal hospital, in addition to a number of other services, which ensure that a visit to us is often enough to resolve whatever issues your pet might have.


Why Not Let Your Pet Get Used To Us?

Any animal finds a new environment upsetting until they get used to it. In order to avoid placing your pet under unnecessary stress, why not use our high caliber provision when they need veterinary care, day care or grooming? Our skilled team are all appropriately qualified and insured in their chosen field of expertise, meaning you can be confident your pet will enjoy the very best service, delivered in a familiar environment they know is safe and friendly.

Prevention Is Better Than Curing

We believe that the right nutrition, regular grooming, flea control, vaccination, exercise and companionship are all vital to keeping your pet in premium condition. Our facility provides all these things, giving your pet the best chance of remaining in optimal health in Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ. A routine veterinarian check-up provides a great opportunity to have your pet looked over by a skilled clinician, enabling minor problems and issues to be quickly resolved before they escalate into a costly medical emergency.

Rapid, Compassionate Emergency Animal Treatment

No animal should have to suffer any longer than necessary, which is why our emergency treatment is swift and designed to be effective. Our facilities include radiography and ultrasound as well as a range of other diagnostic options. These help clinicians rapidly evaluate every case, maximizing the chances of an effective treatment being administered. To book an appointment or to find out more about our range of services, call now at (480) 945-6800


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8140 E. McDowell Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Tel:  480-945-6800
Fax: 480-990-1172

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